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 Rebecca O'Dwyer - Farmer, Horsewoman, Equine Physical Therapist & Artist.


Rebecca has been riding since she was strapped in a basket saddle aged 7 months by an over-zealous horsey Mother.  She has a background of hunting and showing, and experience working on racing and dressage yards.  She currently has two horses - Henry, a retired racehorse who she now enjoys hacking around he farm, and Morgan, a Welsh Cob yearling she hopes to compete and generally have a lot of fun with. 




She qualified as an Animal Spinal Therapist with The Oxford College of Equine Physical Therapy in 2002 and went on to study Animal Massage Therapy including acupressure shortly after that, as she felt the influence of the muscles on the spine could not be underestimated. 


Rebecca is an equine specialist, working with horses in all spheres including National Hunt and flat racing, trotting, pacing, eventing, dressage, showing, hunting and hacking.  She is qualified to treat all animals and also counts pampered pooches, prize bulls that won’t ‘work’ and a Siamese cat called Nicholas amongst her clients.




Rebecca runs an award winning organic farm with her husband, John, and over the years she noticed a sixth sense, a connection to the animals in her life.  She would experience a special bond or mutual understanding while treating dogs and horses, and would often know what was wrong with them before arriving at the yard, confirming this upon physical examination.  She would know instinctively if a certain cow was calving, or feel that they should check the sheep and discover an unexpected problem.  Rebecca has worked with the renowned Animal Communicators Amelia Kincade and James French, who help intuitive people hone their skill, and she finds this gives her a deeper understanding of animal subjects.





She is an Animal Portrait Artist and Member of The Society of Equestrian Artists. 

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